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Educational Multimedia Research Center

Devi Ahilya Vishwavidhyalaya, Indore, M.P. (India)

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Gyanwani - Educational FM Radio

Educational Broadcasts via FM Radio

The e-content development and associated web based learning does not seek to replace traditional teaching and learning, but is expected to supplement them. UGC-CEC e-content scheme at EMRC aims at developing high quality e-content, as well as expertise for generating such content over the long term. EMRC, Indore is involved in the process of e-content development, wherein, audio, video, graphics, animation and text are used to involve learners and make them a part of the exotic voyage of discovery, wonder and enquiry.

Radio Education, Effective Education, Efficient Process

Radio broadcasts for education.

Gyanwani is a unique educational FM radio station in India that broadcasts in multiple cities. They use a media cooperative system with various institutions and organizations to provide diverse educational programming. Listeners can access invaluable knowledge to progress academically and professionally. Gyanwani is a beacon of hope for educational and career aspirations, thanks to the dedication of contributors. The media cooperation ensures high-quality educational resources for people in India.

Gyanwani, Indore - An Educational FM Radio Station

International and National agencies like UN agencies, Ministries such as Agriculture, Environment, Health, Women and Child Welfare, Science & Technology, National level institutions such as NCERT, NIOS and State Open Universities are continously contributing towards the educational content for radio broadcasts. Each Gyanwani Station has a range of about 80 Kms and cover an entire city/town including the adjoining rural areas. The medium of broadcast is English, Hindi or language of the region. Gyanwani, Indore is an educational FM radio station at 105.6 MHz (Proposed 105.6 MHz) located in the premises of EMRC, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidhalaya, Indore in collaboration with IGNOU, New Delhi. The radio station broadcast educational programs covering all fields of education. Our students are also involved in the production and broadcasting of radio programs.

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