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Hi-tech Education through Indian Satellite EDUSAT
The first Indian Satellite completely dedicated to education and named as EDUSAT has been launched by ISRO. The satellite has been designed to meet the current requirements of training students in unicast, multicast and broadcast mode using multimedia data casting, video conferencing, video streaming etc.
EMRC, Indore has delivered 80 lectures for EDUSAT network.
The method of communication of knowledge is changing very fast from single teacher and a group of students at one place to single teacher and several groups of students at different places. From one way communication to two way audio & video communication to students group in different locations, from synchronous to asynchronous educational communication and packaging of knowledge from print to electronic form. Finally, from XML & HTML content to instructional design based self learning video embedded modules. All this is facilitated by new communication technology and a new paradigm has evolved in teaching profession in the world. Satellite Interactive Terminal has been set up at EMRC by UGC-CEC, New Delhi to cater the above needs.
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Admissions CET 2018Click here for Latest Update
Admissions CET 2018Click here for Latest Update
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