▶  Recognitions for the better Creativity
Acclaimed Works Nationally and Internationally
EMRC students have won numerous awards by being a part of the creativity, where they have expressed their examplary talent and skills. Below are few mentions that have claimed their recognition of being "at par" with any better.

01   Science of Twins' - Documentary Runner Up in The Documentary Making Competition, Garden City College, Bangalore - 2005 .
Mahendra Singh Songira & Sonal Dukaria
02   'Shrishti' - Short Film Winner of Short Film Making Competition, IIT Roorkee - 2006
Satyakam Yadav, Sanjeev Gupta & Tushar Joshi
03   Discovery - Nokia Mobile Film Making Viewer's Choice Award - 2006.
Tushar Joshi
04   Radio Feature on AIDS Runner Up in One World Radio Competition in collaboration with UNICEF - 2006.
Nikita Jain & Ahmed Sajid
05   BIG FM RJ Hunt '08 Winner of BIG FM Radio Jocky Hunt at Indore.
Chitranshi Bose
06   Let's Have Coffee - Best Short Film Winner of Best Short Film Award in the Short Film Competition held at IIT, Chennai
Bhanu Dhande, Shupriyo Maitra,
Himanshu Gautam, Sanil Jain, Tarun Rakeshiya

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