E-Content Development

  ▶  Developing Audio, Video, Multimedia, Web-based Contents
Spreading the Education, Through Paperless Media
In the world of globalization, world wide web has emerged as a useful tool to gain knowledge about the changing scenarios. The inclusion of e-content in learning is now inevitable, and the UGC-CEC initiative is designed to meet the new challenges, and to help India take the lead in this newly emerging field.
Education through Digital Content
The e-content development and associated web based learning does not seek to replace traditional teaching and learning, but is expected to supplement them. UGC-CEC e-content scheme at EMRC aims at developing high quality e-content, as well as expertise for generating such content over the long term. EMRC, Indore is involved in the process of e-content development, wherein, audio, video, graphics, animation and text are used to involve learners and make them a part of the exotic voyage of discovery, wonder and enquiry.

Download List of e-Content & LOR (Learning Object Repository) Available in MS Word format.

List of e-Content & LOR (Learning Object Repository)
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Admissions CET 2018Click here for Latest Update
Admissions CET 2018Click here for Latest Update
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