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University Cultural Center - Auditorium

 ▪ The Auditorium

The University Auditorium was inaugurated on 30th September 2005 by His Excellency Dr. Balram Jakhar, Governor, M.P. The Auditorium is available for use by DAVV Members, Governments, and Statutory Bodies, National, Regional, International and other recognized institutions.
The following functions will be accommodated in the Auditorium:
  • Seminars/Conferences/Workshops/Meetings of academic and scientific nature
  • Screening of Movies
  • Recitals/Concerts/Plays/Musical Performance

The U.C.C., D.A.V.V., INDORE shall determine whether any of the functions listed above can be accommodated in the Auditorium in any specific instance. The auditorium shall not be available for political or commercial activity. The decision of Vice Chancellor in this matter shall be final.

The detailed description of the auditorium is given below:

The Auditorium has two levels, accommodating 1100 seats in the balcony and the main hall. Stairs to the east and west provide access to the balcony.

 ▪ Lighting System

  • Channels power pack is provided for dimming console.
  • The dimming console is located in the control room.
  • The Dimming console controls 50 light fixtures; 20 fixtures are positioned towards the front of the stage and 30 are positioned over- head. The control room has a control for dimming spot lamps on the upper level of the auditorium

 ▪ Audio System

The following components are integrated to the audio rack in the control room:
  • Distribution Amplifiers.
  • 16 Channel Mixer with Lexicon effects
  • DBX
  • Multi Compact Disc Player.
  • Cassette Deck.
  • Audio stage monitors, accessories include
    1. Dynamic microphones.
    2. Cordless microphones.
    3. Podium microphone.
    4. Microphone stands.

 ▪ Internet facilities

The auditorium is equipped with Wi-Fi facility. Internet facilities can be accessed in and out side of the auditorium.

 ▪ Projection System

The auditorium is equipped with a projection system. The facility includes:
  • 6000 lumen Projector with four PIP feature
  • Large (24x18 ft) motorized projection screen
  • Visualizer
  • Writing Tablet
  • PC
  • VCD/DVD player
  • Camcorders

 ▪ Video Conferencing System

The auditorium is equipped with an intranet video conferencing system. The main curtain is operated remotely. Other curtains are operated manually. Wash rooms are located on the opposite side of the entrance to the Auditorium; additional washrooms are located backstage in the dressing rooms. Two green rooms equipped with first aid kits are located back stage. Parking space to accommodate about 200 vehicles is available south of the Auditorium. 200 KVA Gen. Set facility is also available. The auditorium is centrally air conditioned.

 ▪ Auditorium Fees

The auditorium will be booked on the basis of Shift. Full shift will be of 10 hrs. The rates are given below:

  • DAVV, Affiliated Colleges: - Rs. 30,000/-
  • Other Organizations - Rs. 37,200
  • Security Deposit - Rs. 10,000/-
  • Outside Space - Min. Rs. 6000/-
  • Projection System - Rs. 6000/-
  • Electricity Charges - As per actual consumption
  • Service Tax 12.36% or as applicable on total Booking Amount

 ▪ Contact Details

 Dr. Akhilesh Singh, Director I/c

Educational Multimedia Research Center

Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya

Takshshila Campus

Khandwa Road

Indore – 452017 INDIA

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